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Private enterprise “METALPROM NB” Ltd. was founded by Mr. Petrislav Oro on March 1, 2005. The main activity of this private company is manufacturing of metal structures for construction business, manufacturing metal joinery and connecting elements as well as basic mechanical works related to this activity. Principally, it should be mentioned that the owner of this company, Mr. Petrislav Oro was a successful entrepreneur even before this company was registered. Namely, even before “METALPROM NB” Ltd. was registered, Mr. Oro owned a registered sole proprietorship business “METALPROM” since 2001.

Types of the activities with which the sole proprietorship business dealt with were similar to the activities with which the present “METALPROM NB” Ltd. company deals with.

Re-registration from sole proprietorship business to Ltd. was it is fair to say, a logical sequence of events. Namely, the possibilities offered by the craft store were no longer sufficient, i.e. could not follow Mr. Oro’s ambitions and plans for the future. Here it should be noted that business activities which the sole proprietorship business “METALPROM” had were well under the circumstances of the entire period of existence, i.e. since the foundation of the company until the re-registration to “METALPROM NB” Ltd.

The successful operation of independent craft shop was one of the key elements that led to the creation of a vision for the future and creating a company “METALPROM NB” Ltd. Derventa. In addition, some other factors influenced the creation of a new company – such as the increase in business activity and business volume increase and all that for more effective performance both in the domestic and international market and for increased competitiveness of products from the product line. The experience had the crucial importance in achieving all of the things mentioned. That experience grew gradually while working in a sole proprietorship business “METALPROM”. The manufacturing range is, as mentioned, based mainly on the processing of metals, construction equipment, construction props joints, etc. Shortly after the company’s registration as a limited liability company another business operation was opened, so that today the company is producing in two manufacturing plants. From the day of founding the company until today, the company is trying to have a long time survival in the market doing high-quality work in all segments. Nowadays, it is difficult for a company to “survive” on the market. Therefore, it is necessary in the future to “listen” better and more accurately to the needs of the market because that’s the only way possible to maintain growth and development in the future.

“METALPROM NB” Ltd. nowadays has a stable position in the market where it operates and its performance and the quality are already recognized by customers. It is important to note that in addition to domestic customers, a substantial part of company’s production is placed on the international market. This is another confirmation of the quality of products offered by the company “METALPROM NB” Derventa. The company has since mid-2007 entered into another significant project, which is the implementation of ISO standards 9001 and 2000. The completion of this project and the certification itself was planned by the end of 2008, and it has been achieved. After this, the company has even greater opportunities for participation in the international and domestic markets as well as proof of the quality of our products. In a global economy, the European market flows are such that the manufacturing companies cannot compete in the market without these certain certificates. Therefore, in our near future without such certification it will not be possible to compete in the market and therefore the importance of this certification process of production becomes more apparent.

As already mentioned, the company managed, in every business year since the foundation of the company until today, to do positive business; all thanks to company’s quality management, efficient workforce and above all a quality production.