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Mini-ramp type MRMB forms part of a wide range of “METALPROM NB” products, and it is specially designed for the loading and unloading of vehicles with the floor level a little higher or lower than the height of the platform. It is the ideal solution of handling a fleet of trucks of the same height. Ramp MRMB has many advantages including speed and ease of installation.

Being bolted and connected to the platform, its setting does not require any additional construction work. It can also be placed to existing platforms. It can be adjusted to positive and negative height. Mini-ramp that is attached to the platform does not scratch, thus enables fast and totally secure loads.

Important items

  • Easy setup
  • Handle for pulling and balancing system
  • The domain of application: any new construction or a construction that is under the process of renovation.


This ramp complies with DIN EN 1398 European standard.

On the basis of EN 1398, the use of the ramp above the allowable inclination angle of 12.5% (around 7 ~) is prohibited. This angle can be exceeded during the loading and unloading only if the owner can prove that there is no risk of slipping (e.g. Dry and clean surfaces).

Aisle width: 2000 mm

Length: 700 mm

Load: 4000 kg