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Compact mini-ramp


Mini-ramp permits fast and safe shipping, with no risk of unexpected transshipment or transfer.

Weight load is being completely held by the platform and the truck, not the platform mechanism for loading and unloading.

Mini-ramp is not sliding nor can it bend under the weight of a cargo.


Bolted or welded to the edge of the platform, the mini-ramp type MRC is ready for operation; its installation does not require the construction work (neither the canal nor modification).

Steel restraints that are placed on each side protect the mini-ramp and a platform from withdrawal from the truck. Since it is equipped with a handle tow and a system for balancing, stand can be handled with one hand and can be effortlessly set up on the truck. The surface is easy to lift, turn and set to the vehicle.

At the end of the loading platform surface automatically returns into vertical position, ready for future use.

This ramp complies with DIN EN 1398 European standard

On the basis of EN 1398, the use of the ramp above the allowable inclination angle of 12.5% (around 7 ~) is prohibited. This angle can be exceeded during the loading and unloading only if the owner can prove that there is no risk of slipping (e.g. Dry and clean surfaces).

Important points

  • Ready to use
  • It is a very compact model
  • No construction actions
  • Easy to dismantle and reuse
  • Easy setup
  • It works on the belt and counterbalance
  • Simplified maintenance


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