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TYPE NCH is the type of electro-hydraulic nivelar with oscillating guard that works with hydraulic drive with platform. NCH is made of the highest quality ribbed sheet.

It was made to solve problems with the difference in the height level between the platform and the floor of the truck.

NCH nivelar of the platforms can be made in many different sizes and capacities, with various types of set up. Guard with which these nivelars are equipped provides balance of the inclination up to 3% of the platform width (5.2.6 of EN 1398 standard).

The back part of the platform is fixed to the derside of the chassis with three shafts, each 300mm long. Axes of these shafts (diameter 30mm) are made of white round steel shaped as a wire providing resistance to the forces they are facing.

The same type of shaft is used for the shafts of the front shield of the platform. Shaft of the shield is the focal point of the construction that is why it is constructed of two continuous shafts on the whole width of the shield. This nivelar contains self-cleaning shaft. Platform and the shield are made of the highest quality ribbed sheet.

Lo= Length of the platform / BH= Height of structures

LB= Length shield that can be lowered

O= Positive compensation/U= Negative compensation

On request

  • Set up manual
  • NCH box model
  • NCH hanging frame
  • Useful higher load
  • Made to measure
  • 500mm shield
  • Taped slandered shield on both sides
  • Peripheral hermetic on three sides of the nivelar to ensure perfect tightness of the platform
  • Automatic return to 0- position by pressing the command button
  • RAL color of your choice
  • Galvanization
  • Considerable negative height.

Lower chassis is very strong and its front beam allows absorption of the load in the event of an emergency, the cross-motion, or if the truck is loaded on the lower level than the platform.

Thanks to its self-supporting structure, it is possible to integrate nivelar in closed or open manhole. Beam in front of the chassis also protects hydraulic and metal installations located below the NCH.

Quality and Safety
All nivelar of the platform conform to European norms. Their production and usage follow the regulations of EN 1398. Therefore, they are equipped with an array of security mechanisms, and additional warranties are available in case of more strict requirements.

Nivelar of the platform are very functional mechanisms that are easy to operate with just with one button.

Oversized cranes work on the impact of the low pressure of about 50 bars. Reinforced chrome pistons fitted with dual swivel and flexible hydraulics are designed to withstand a pressure of 600 bars. Valve for preventing falls is integrated into the chamber of the main crane for security measures.

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